In My Mother's Kitchen

In My Mother's Kitchen: An Introduction to the Healing Power of Reminiscence
By Robin Edgar

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In the enhanced, second edition of In My Mother’s Kitchen, Robin Edgar uses poignant memories of her mother to demonstrate how to record significant memories and establish personal rituals. Easy exercises at the end of each chapter provide simple steps to using the senses to write life stories, find forgiveness, develop self esteem, and cope with loss. A caring gift to someone who has lost a loved one In My Mother’s Kitchen is endorsed by therapists and hospice personnel.

 “For all of us who have loved, lost, grieved and grown from the experience, In My Mother’s Kitchen serves as a poignant reminder of our shared connections to family and friends — the use of rituals providing an emotional yet comforting view of some of life’s most powerful lessons.”
--- Matt Lauer, co-anchor NBC “Today”

The Mandel Bread Pan
An excerpt from In My Mother's Kitchen
by Robin A. Edgar

My kids were all in bed and I was cleaning up the aftermath of macaroni and cheese and algebra homework. Something was stuck in the oven drawer and I could not get it to shut.  After a one-sided wrestling match, I finally pulled the whole darn thing out, falling backwards and landing on my bottom. Accompanying this thud were the drums and cymbals of pots and pans crashing to the floor.  From this new viewpoint I could finally see the culprit.  That pesky mandel bread pan had managed to squirm its way out the back again and wedge itself between the drawer and the wall.  It’s not really a baking pan at all, but the bottom of an old aluminum ice-cube tray, the kind they don’t seem to make anymore now that plastic is around.  (read more about The Mandel Bread Pan)