In My Mother's Kitchen

In My Mother's Kitchen demonstrates how to establish rituals through easy exercises that provide steps to using the senses to record life stories, find forgiveness, and cope with loss. A caring gift to someone who has lost a loved one it is also a useful tool for recording personal histories.  

Personal Legacies

Hearing so many stories in her workshops about surviving the Great Depression, Robin Edgar wrote Personal Legacies: Surviving the Great Depression to preserve their keys to survival and advice for future generations.  

The Healing Power of Reminiscence

The Healing Power of Reminiscence
is a 16-page pamphlet that describes the keys to making personal rituals from your memories to celebrate the times you had with loved ones.




Fantastic Recycled Plastic

Co-authored with her contemporary craft artist husband, David Edgar, Fantastic Recycled Plastic promotes the art of creative recycling using recycled plastic containers. Addressing the impact of plastic detritus on the environment, it offers 30 projects to spark your imagination.  

The Day Morris Quit
Although this is a children's storybook, its message is for all ages. Morris the horse, after faithfully pulling his cart in the town of Tryon for years, thinks no one cares about him anymore now that cars and trucks are around. He decides to sit down in the middle of traffic and quit. His outlook on life changes when he meets a little boy who becomes his friend as well as the town hero.


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