The Healing Power of Reminiscence workshop uses the senses to recall, record, and celebrate significant memories to help participants recognize and value the individuals and incidents that shaped their lives. The exercises also provide tools for long-term bereavement for individuals who have experienced a loss through death or separation from loved ones due to divorce, Alzheimer's, "empty-nest syndrome," and more.

Significant outcomes include:

• Journaling significant memories for future generations

• Establishing personal rituals for healing

• Finding forgiveness

• Reinforcing a sense of self-worth

• Establishing a common ground with individuals across generational, ethnic and socio-economic strata.

As keynote speaker for Hospice and Alzheimer's Association conferences, Ms. Edgar teaches reminiscence workshops throughout the United States in art centers, schools and community organizations. For more information about The Healing Power of Reminiscence workshops, Contact Robin Edgar.

Everyone Has A Story to Tell. Here is a workshop testimonial from Rita Collins, Creative Memories Consultant, Auckland New Zealand  

I have told so many people about you and your story and your book of course, and how you have changed my life. My mother is coming up 84 this year and lives in Australia. I wrote her a very deep and meaningful letter, explaining how much she means to me and how probably without knowing she has helped to shape my life, to make me the person that I am today and me. No point in waiting to tell her and then it may be too late and I will forever regret not saying how I feel about her.

My father passed away 8 years ago, and my memories of him are painful, as he was very cruel to my mother and brothers, but not to me, though he never showed me any affection until I was in my early 20s. With your advice, I am working my way through the awful memories and finding the good in them instead of just the pain. Hence the journal is working there for me with the smells, colours, etc. that you teach in your book.

You see, my father was a left-hander and in the old days it was frowned upon and he was made fun of by others. He did not want my brother (also a lefty) and myself to suffer the humiliation the he had gone through. My father always came from behind and caught me using my left hand, which ultimately ended in a surprise good hard hit on the back and to make me use my right hand. Now everyone that looks at my albums comment on my journaling and beautiful hand writing. If only they knew the trauma I went through at the hands of my father to have it.

Today, I have a beautiful handwriting and can use my left hand quite freely. The bonus is that my son will not suffer what I did as a child to change hands, so no painful memories there for him to grow up with. So yes, I can find the lesson in that one quite easily, and no more awful thoughts of my father’s cruel hand. In fact, in a matter of hours I have been able to go back over dozens of childhood trauma's remembering things I saw my father do, and get the same result as the left hand memory. Absolutely amazing results. Thank you for the one hour of your time that will change the rest of my long life.